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Garden of Yesterday

Garden of Yesterday The Garden of Yesterday is not a formal garden like some herb gardens of the past, but a kitchen garden typical of an Ohio farm at the time the Gantz farmhouse was built. A farm wife of the 1840's would have planted herbs together with fruits, vegetables and perhaps some ornamentals in such a garden.

This is not a restoration garden. Instead it demonstrates herbs with multiple uses, heirloom vegetables, and old fruit varieties. An herb which was used in cooking, which was thought to have medicinal uses, and which could also be used to dye fabric was desired over plants with single uses.

The vegetables are primarily those which were preserved or stored for winter use. The garden does not reflect the large crops which would be necessary to feed a farm family; instead, a small quantity of a large number of vegetables is grown. Vegetables such as corn, squash, and pumpkins, which require a lot of space, would not have been planted in a kitchen garden.

Fences surrounded gardens of this era to keep out farm animals. The garden includes brick and gravel walks which probably would not have been in a farm garden, but makes the garden accessible to the public.